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A Workshop in Self Development through Meditation and Contemplation: Opening a conversation to initiate a relationship with your True Self

  • Downstairs@Acadia 2 Conz Street, Suite 34 Northampton, MA USA (map)

This workshop will draw upon Sufism, Jungian psychology, alchemical and hermetic pathworking, and Christian prayer through an in-depth guided meditation. The intention is to experience the field of one’s own inner self in an effort to bring together the fractured parts of our inner and outer lives.

Ultimately we are all looking for contentment and happiness. True lasting contentment resides in a deep abiding relationship with one’s inner being. This deeper self has been difficult to define, is sought by everyone and has had different names throughout the ages. People have used a variety of different methods to access guidance from their deep, inner selves. We will explore some of these methods in a contemplative setting to open a window to our own souls.

 Bio: Kevin Germain is a Sufi guide of the Ansari Qadiri Rifai Sufi School since 2004 when he received his license to teach from Shaykh Taner Ansari. Both Kevin and his wife Dianne lead study groups that explore all facets of the Sufi path as well mentor individuals who are seeking what it means to be a Sufi. They also host other Sufi events such as Sufi Meditation, and Nature Walks in the Pioneer Valley.